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In 2006 we first caught the travel bug on a 2 month adventure through South East Asia. Every year since then we have saved our money and our annual leave to go travelling for a month. Last year Thomas asked Jade, “If you could do anything at all, what would it be?” And her answer was, “Travel the world!” So Thomas suggested we should quit our jobs, sell our possessions and go travelling (and trekking) for a year or more. We have worked towards that dream and made it come true – we are now travelling the world in search of new experiences, natural beauty, ways of life and of course to sample the local food and beer!

Torres Del Paine 10

Everybody dreams of travel, so when you travel you’re living your dreams!

Thomas is a creative graphic and industrial designer. His hobbies include acrylic, oil and digital painting and silver smithing. His favourite place is the ocean where his eyes change from hazel to bright green.

On top of the end of the earth in Patagonia, never feeling so alive!

On top of the end of the earth in Patagonia, never feeling so alive!

Jade is a passionate early childhood educator and vocational education trainer who believes in life long learning. She is interested in sustainable living and looking after our precious natural environment. Above all Jade loves beer and her life goal would be to start her own brewery!

If there are any specific questions you’d like to ask us about our adventures, tips for places we’ve been, or how to make the transition from the daily grind to international adventurer, then drop us a line!