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Düsseldorf’s Buildings, Beers, & Gardens

written by Two Trekkers January 9, 2017
Dusseldorf travel tips

This riverside city in Western Germany is sliced in two by the famous Rhine River. We were here for a few days and the autumn weather was warm, sunny and the skies were blue. Perfect for exploring the parks and gardens that line the waters edge.

The Alstadt (old town) lies to the east and has many historic buildings and canals. The Konigsallee is the urban boulevard where you can walk alongside the canals and heritage bridges as well as next to upmarket and designer fashion stores. Pick up a Düsseldorf City Rally (DIY walking tour booklet) from the tour office for a more in depth look at this historic area.

When you have had enough of the old, walk along the river towards the Düsseldorf Harbour where you can view post modern architecture such as the Gehry buildings, designed by Frank Gehry, who’s whimsical style is also responsible for the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain and the Dancing House in Prague. Also here is The Roggendorf House, a building covered in ‘flossis’, what can only be described as colorful ‘people’. These resin sculptures of vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and blues climb up and over the otherwise ordinary structure.

When you have had your fill of the past and present, Dusseldorf is infamous for its bars which brew and serve the traditional local Altbier. It is served in smaller then usual beer glasses and the waitstaff will keep giving you more beer, marking notches on your cardboard coaster. If you have had enough, simply place your coaster on the top of your glass.

But there is more to Düsseldorf then buildings and beer. The gorgeous park, the Hofgarten, was stunning with leaves turning red and yellow, falling to the ground and lining the pathways. The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) at 240.5 meters tall also doubles as a clock, with lights that shine and tell the time along the side of the tower.

We celebrated our 12 month travel anniversary in Düsseldorf and throughly enjoyed this relaxed, green and scenic German city. We did it in style by grabbing a beer at one of the makeshift bars along the river and sitting with the locals on the concrete wall and enjoying a magic sunset!

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