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written by Two Trekkers January 9, 2017
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Berlin Wall. Cold War. WW2. Edgy. Raw. Under Construction. Historic. Cold. Rainy. Doner Kebabs. Beer Shops. Moving forward. Future City. This is how we would describe our week in Berlin. 

We were excited to come to Germany’s capital city, a large international destination that only 27 years ago was separated in two by a menacing wall. An actual brick and concrete wall designed to prevent humans scaling it. A city that is slowly rebuilding its character and reputation. Numerous projects are in full swing, most of the central Alexanderplatz area is behind scaffolding as the U5 tunnel is underway, connecting the underground subway across the centre. Cranes can be seen all around the inner city, putting up modern apartment buildings and fancy office spaces. In contrast huge vacant, communist era structures lay dormant, covered in graffiti, filled with crafty squatters, waiting for the wrecking ball. An abandoned airport has been given a breath of new life, turned into parklands and creative space whilst an amusement park on the River Spree, once a sight to be seen, waits to see its own fate. 

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