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Würzberg – students and share houses

written by Two Trekkers November 17, 2016
Wurzberg Germany travel

After a day in bed recovering from our Oktoberfest shenanigans, we looked at google maps on our iPhones and found Würzberg. It ticked all the boxes – it was a few hours away in the direction of Dresden where we were heading, there were cheap buses to get us there and we found a place to stay on Airbnb. That was the extent of our research, so when we arrived we were very pleased. 

Würzberg is a small yet scenic university town with a long history of academia with its Alte Universität dating from 1582 and educating 14 Nobel Prize winners. So we weren’t at all surprised when we arrived at our Airbnb to find a large, converted office space with five bedrooms housing four students and two student couch surfers who were in town to organize their accommodation for the next semesters study. 

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