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written by Two Trekkers October 20, 2016
Italian Riviera travel tips

One of the best things about long term travel is the freedom of itinerary and not booking too far ahead in time. At the last minute we decided to hire a car in Trieste and the extent of our planning was to return it ten days later in Milan. So one night while stuck in the rain somewhere in the Dolomites, playing around on maps.me we noticed that the Cinque Terre was not too far away from our current location! We could easily combine the impressive Italian mountains with the the equally sublime coast! 

So from northern Italy we drove towards the Ligurian region and the Italian Riveria, the area of land where you can find the historic city of Genoa, the ritzy town of Portofino as well as the UNESCO World Heritage five villages hugging the cliffs – the Cinque Terre. 

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