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Riohacha – sunsets and palm trees

written by Two Trekkers May 23, 2016
Riohacha Colombia travel

The perfect Caribbean town right on a wide sandy beach with hundreds of picture perfect palm trees. Like all hot Caribbean cities, this place is best appreciated in the late afternoon with a stroll along the esplanade. Here you will find the largest selection of traditional Colombian woven bags, made by the indigenous people of this area. This is a great opportunity to buy some souvenirs at a great place as you can haggle as the whole length of the street is covered with stalls selling these bags in every colour and pattern imaginable. The only issue is deciding on the one you want! Prices start at around 40,000 cop and go up depending on the material used, the amount of colours and the complexity of the patterns. 

Riohacha Colombia travel

Admiring handicrafts.

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