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Cabo de la Vela – Wild West of Colombia

written by Two Trekkers May 23, 2016
Cabo de la Vela Colombia Travel

Cabo de la Vela is a ramshackle beach town 3 – 6 hours north of Riohahca. The reason it can take a short or long time to get there is because firstly you need to get to the dusty, wild frontier town of Uribia (around an hours drive). We got a Collectivo with two other travellers for 15,000 cop per person. You then can either get a 4wd for 15,000 cop per person and be there in an hour or so (depending on how fast your driver speeds) along the bumpy dirt road or get a truck for the same price and bounce around in the back with locals and goats (yes goats!) for up to four hours as the truck drops off and picks up passengers or supplies and stops and starts to check the engine or to climb under the truck and tinker for a worrying 20 minutes while your sweating it out in the back (yes really). We were lucky to get a air conditioned 4wd on the way there, arriving like royalty and roughed it on the way back with ten people and four bleating goats. 

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