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Ecuador to Colombia border crossing – Tulcan to Ipiales

written by Two Trekkers May 19, 2016
Ecuador to Colombia border crossing

We woke early this morning and packed up quickly as we had a big day of travel ahead. We headed downstairs to find the reception locked. So was the garage door leading to the street. We were trapped!! After lots of knocking on doors (we accidentally woke some guy up that was not the manager..) finally someone appeared to let us get our leftover Chinese food out of the reception fridge and open the garage so we could walk to the bus terminal. What if there had been a fire! Very disconcerting. 

After getting to the terminal and buying our bus tickets to Tulcan ($3 each) we sat and ate cold Chinese and waited for the 2hour bus ride that would take us to the border town of Tulcan. 

The scenery from the bus window was a patchwork quilt of shades of green and yellow farming land covering valleys and mountains. Tom watched the dubbed movie and I have discovered that podcasts are a great way to pass the time. They don’t use up much battery life and they are free to download. Soon enough we were at the terminal in Tulcan where there are plenty of taxis waiting that can take you to the border ($3.50). It was an easy process to stamp out of Ecuador and walk across the bridge into Colombia. A simple stamp in (no forms to fill out) and we were in another country.

Our maps.me said it was 1km to town, so we ignored the taxi sharks and walked into the town of Ipiales. It was actually more then that and after a couple of km’s we found a bus that was heading to the terminal so we happily (and sweatily) got on board. 

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