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Peru to Ecuador border crossing – Zorritos to Guayaquil

written by Two Trekkers April 28, 2016
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Peru’s border town is Tumbes, which we decided not to visit after friends told us there wasn’t much to see and it was hot and dusty. Instead we opted to visit Zorritos (45min south of Tumbes) and make the border crossing from there.

Zorritos to guayaquil peru to ecuador border crossing

Waiting for the CIFA bus at the makeshift terminal.

The Cifa bus collected us, on its way through, from the small town of Zorritos that is about an hour or so north of Mancora. You can also get this bus in Tumbes and it also begins in Piura. And we now know why this bus was a cheaper option then Cruz del Sur and Civa (who both have limited services), it was because it stopped a lot to let people on and off and took almost two hours longer. 

The view out the bus window changed the instant we hit Ecuador. Desert became the tropics with acres and acres of banana plantations. Roadside vendors were all selling fresh fruits like watermelon and pineapple. The border crossing was smooth with no problems whatsoever (despite the online warnings) and we arrived late but in one piece in the biggest city of Ecuador, Guayaquil. 

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