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Chiclayo – has the best museum ever! EVER! 

written by Two Trekkers April 24, 2016
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We arrived in the morning after taking a overnight bus from Tarapoto. Bit of advice, don’t ever book the very back seats as they don’t recline as much as the other seats, even though the ticket lady says they do. Also ignore the taxi drivers at bus stations, they always over charge. Either walk the couple of kms into town (hey you have been on a bus for 14 hours the exercise will do you good!) or at least go around the corner and grab one from there. So we walked into town and found a hotel for 70s which was a bit more then we wanted to spend, but we were tired and dirty and needed a shower and breakfast – stat! 

After sorting out all the above issues we took a Collectivo (1-2s, 15 mins) to the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán (10s) which is located north of Chiclayo in Lambayeque.

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