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Copacabana – Fresh fish and hippies galore!

written by Two Trekkers March 10, 2016
copacabana lake titicaca bolivia travel

Copacabana is a nice little town on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. Nestled along the shoreline of the lake, this town acts as a springboard for trips to Isla del Sol and Isla De La Luna. It is also a great place to stay and decompress after the craziness of La Paz. We were headed to Coroico, which is north of La Paz in the Amazon jungle, but due to a road block protest we changed our plans and headed to Copacabana instead. 

copacabana lake titicaca bolivia travel

Ferry crossing at San Pablo de Tiquina.

Buses to Copacabana leave from the Cementerio area and take 3-4 hours. The bus takes you to San Pablo de Tiquina, where you hop off the bus and catch a ferry across (2bs) whilst the bus gets on a basic barge like structure and follows behind to cross the water to San Pedro de Tiquina. You have time here to buy a snack and stretch your legs. Take your carry on with you and your backpack is safe in the undercarriage of the bus. Just keep an eye out for the bus when it gets off the barge. 

copacabana lake titicaca bolivia travel

Copacabana’s water front area.

Then it’s about an hour to Copacabana. There are loads of hostels around Plaza Sucre where the bus stops. There are also loads of Argentine hippies who hang out around 6 de Agosto selling jewelry and snacks. This street is also the main tourist drag, with restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Head down this street to the lake and turn left for a row of cheap and tasty seafood restaurants where you can get fresh grilled trout (Trucha) with chips, rice and salad for 25bs. 

copacabana lake titicaca bolivia travel

Enjoy some Trucha (Trout) from Lake Titicaca.

We were lucky when we arrived that Carnivale (number 3!) was in full swing so we enjoyed a night drinking beer and dancing with the locals. The next day we hiked up the Cerro Calvario which has amazing views over Copacabana and Lake Titicaca. It also has the 14 stations of the cross, which makes this a special place for Catholic pilgrims who also come to check out the huge Cathedral and its famous Virgin de Candelaria. 

copacabana lake titicaca bolivia travel

Entrance to Cerro Calvario.

copacabana lake titicaca bolivia travel

Inside the cathedral’s compound.

There are also some Inca ruins dotted about, but the best thing to do is hang around the lake and soak in the chilled vibes with a Cerveza and some fresh Trucha. 

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